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Dynamat is a thin, flexible, easy to cut and mold sheet that actually stops noise causing resonance and vibration, by using visco-elastic qualities that promote vibro-acoustic energy conversion. In short, that means noise becomes silent energy.
We carry Dynamat for car audio speaker kits, door kits, hood liners, trunk kits and license plate kits.
We carry both the Dynamat Original and the Dyamat Xtreme.

Dynamat Xtreme is the best performing material for controlling vibration. Dynamat Xtreme damps four times better than Dynamat Original and weighs at least 50% less.   Dynamat Xtreme's aluminum constraining top layer also makes it well suited for situations where heat is a problem, such as on the floor and firewall near an exhaust or header. Dynamat Xtreme is recommended anywhere Dynamat can be applied.   It requires no heat for installation, making it a good choice for home mechanics.

Dynamat Original is the entry-level damping material and offers the best compromise between damping efficiency and cost.   These sound dampening sheets are recommended for floors, doors, side panels and the floor of the trunk.  For best installation and performance, use a heat gun during installation.   Dynamat Original is not recommended for locations requiring upside down installation (such as car roofs). For those locations, use Dynamat Xtreme.
Dynamat, The most trusted name for ultimate sound and noise control. These sound dampening sheets provide acoustic solutions for car audio, hot rods and home theater. Install Dynamat for car audio dampening.
Dynamic Control seeks to produce and deliver the highest quality acoustic solutions to the world
with speed and accuracy, for better sound everywhere.

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Dynamat Ultimate Sound and Noise Control