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Customer Testimonial Page

What customers are saying about Carolina Classic Trucks, Inc.

We thank you for your business.

We never sell or give any of our customer's names (or email addresses) to anyone. Check us out at the Better Business Bureau, also be sure to check our competitors as well, You will be glad you did.

Ryan, I ordered a new brake prop valve on Tuesday afternoon, received it on Wednesday morning. Installed it the same day, bled the brakes and will be headed to the GoodGuys show in Charlotte this afternoon. Thank you for your fine service, I will tell all my friends about your company,
Gary J.
Thank you for the great service. You people went above and beyond the expected standard level of customer service! Thanks again
Bill S.
Just wanted to let you know that I received my wheels yesterday and had them installed last night. Very nice. I was very pleased with this sale. Excellent sale overall. I never expected to pay for the wheels Tuesday only to have them at my door Wednesday morning. Tremendous operation. Excellent customer service. Thank you.
Richard V.
Just wanted to say, THANKS!!! for the Proportioning valve, it fits perfectly and is identical to the GM original! Next day shipping was more than the part but I needed it for Saturday. It arrived to my house at 8 AM Saturday morning!
John F
Thanks for the extra service and overnight delivery. Valve is already on the truck. Hope to have it back to work latter this morning. I have owned that '82 S-10 since it was new and was shocked that I could not purchase a valve anywhere in Southern California. I am sure I will be using your company again.
Thanks very much for the e-mail and follow-up call. I am a first time customer that does go to the internet for quite a few of my parts. I certainly appreciate your professionalism and efficiency. I will definitely recommend Carolina Classic Trucks to my friends. Thanks again, (don't be humble, forward this to your boss so he/she knows that you have another happy customer, if you own the place... well then congratulations on a job well done, I wish you all the success in the world!)
Ray B.
Hi, Thanks again for your assistance yesterday. That is the exact type of customer service that I was looking for and is so nice to see.
Chase V.
I got your message. Thank You very much for sending the part. You and your company are a shining example of a trustworthy and honorable company. Its been a pleasure doing business with you.
Brandon S.
I just want to thank you for the quick shipment and helpful information on a set of 16" X 16" heavy duty dolly's that I purchased from you on 10/28/10. I placed the order with you at 2PM and received the dolly's 2 business days later. I needed to move a 6800LB camper in a barn about 15' over barn boards. With 4 guys, we were able to move the camper with no problem.( I can't image how easy it would of moved on concrete) If anybody is looking for a set of dolly's, these are the ones. Thanks Again,
Todd S.
Thank you for your email and add me as a continued customer. It is nice to know that there are still some companies out there that treat customers as people.
Sgt. Jeremy H., Texas Army National Guard
I received the bars yesterday, and everything looks good. I want to Thank You for thanking care of the issue and fast too. I will be sure to use Carolina Classic Trucks in the future.
Kevin R.
I just got my N-Fabs today from fed-ex and they look great man. It was nice doing business with you, and I will definitely recommend CCT to anyone looking for a set of N-Fabs!! Thanks
Mike E.
YRC Trucking just left. We took it out of the box to inspect it and IT LOOOOOKS GREATTTTT. The driver liked it and got the name of your company, so he may be ordering one from you also. Thanks again you guys are the greatest.
Dale D.
Ryan, You are a man of your word, honest and great customer service. Thank you for stepping up and taking care of the problem. I realize that this was a manufacture problem and out of your control. Your customer service speaks volumes!! Keep up the good job. I will continue to buy and recommend your business. You lead the pack. What a great example of customer service. Thank You very much. I can put this behind me now.
Joe B
I certainly appreciate the way you do business. I thought from the first time I ordered from you, that you were very helpful and professional. I also ordered, back in January that EZ Down Tailgate shock from you, and got it put on. But I must tell you Ryan that every time I closed the Tailgate the cable would pop outside the tailgate and be showing. So I swapped positions with bed end of the shock and cable, the opposite from the instructions and it holds the cable in just fine, and it is still straight in line with no binding anywhere. I really like it. But I haven't convinced myself on the backup Camera Anyway, I will get this Swing Case sent back as soon as I receive your email with the Shipping Label. Thank you again for being so understanding and cooperative. You have my business and everyone else I tell!!!
Jerry S.
I have received the parts already. Just wanted to say thank you for your quick service and for keeping me informed. I order a lot online and have had many bad experiences in the past but this was not one of them. Keep up the good work. You have my recommendation. Thank You
Satisfied Customer, Sean W.
Thank you for the excellent service and the perfect replacement brake proportioning valve for my 1985 Chevy S10. The part fit perfect and is working beautifully in my truck. Thanks again
Bill T.
To whom it may concern: Recently I purchased a new Chevy Truck and was looking for accessories to dress it up. I came across Carolina Classic Trucks on the internet and decided to give them a call. I'm glad that I did, they were able to answer all my questions and gave me the best options. I felt that the customer service was above and beyond. I purchased an Undercover Lid for the bed and was more than satisfied, not to mention the ease of installation. I then bought a ram air hood WOW! This was a short list of their recommendations---and have been outstanding. I have continued to do more business with this company and have been telling my friends that the customer service and super fast delivery time has been second to none. With that said , whenever I'm looking for something for the truck, Carolina Classic will be the first on my list to call. Thank You again for taking care of my needs!
J. Fritz
Thanks for asking, I was already sold, but now you're just going over the top! I'm going to have to tell all my off-road buddies about your site!
R Karpel
Thank you and it is okay! I got it today and it looks great. Thanks again for doing a great job processing the order.
Stephen W.
Hey, just wanted to let you know, you guys have great customer service, the shipping was super fast, the rims were exactly as described and really nice, good condition, I will definitely buy from you again, thank you very much for great communication and a great product!
Nelson G.
To Whom It May Concern: I recently ordered a T Rex Billet grille insert for my 07 GMC Sierra. Just wanted to comment on the great service I received from Carolina Classis Trucks, and also that the T Rex product met my every expectation, and was very easy to install. I'll be a returning customer for sure, and will recommend you to my friends.
Glenn R., Deputy Chief
Hello and thank you! I had a great experience using your website to place my tire order....keep up the good work!
Walter S.
Received yesterday and very pleased. Looking forward to many more parts from you...... Thank you
Thanks. Your customer service has been impeccable! I'm sure I'll be ordering more from you in the near future.
Adrian F.
Thank you for the fast shipping. The hood was perfect shape. No problems. I'll highly recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again.
Nick P.
Hello and thank you!I had a great experience using your website to place my tire order....keep up the good work! The auto shop that I am having my tires sent to are not open on the weekends. Please make sure that they arrive there sometime during the work week.
Walter S.
Thanks for your prompt help! When the time comes to purchase other accessories I will most certainly come to Carolina Classic Trucks.
Thank you, I was very pleased to deal with you. You were very knowledgeable about your products and was concerned that I had all the information I needed to make a decision, you did what you said you would do. I will order things in the future because of our relationship.
Wade H. - Quality Management Improvement Team Member
I just got off the phone sales, in reference to four headlights that I ordered online from your company. The headlights that I originally ordered turned out to be not in stock. They attempted to call my phone, but did not reach me. He then sent an email, alerting me to the problem with my order. I called directly and was very impressed with their courtesy and professionalism. They pointed me in the direction of another headlight that their company offers. Basically, I was impressed with their attention to my order and the prompt service he gave me. I thank your company for dedicated service to your customers and I will recommend your company to others. Thanks again.
Jason B.
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. I order the item at 7am and got it the next afternoon. You guys really went beyond normal service. I will definitely refer you to my friends. Thanks Kim N. I received my order today, Great repro parts and fast service. Thanks again..........
Clyde M.
We received the skid plate yesterday and it is beautiful. It was everything you promised. The boss hasn't seen it yet but we'll be installing it today and I know he will be pleased. Thanks for your attention in a difficult situation.
Jim C.
Thank you for informing me, not many companies JUMP in to asst the customer, they'll have you waiting for several weeks before letting one know there's a problem.
Matthew M.
Thanks for the delivery of the Hummer grille guard on Monday....I already installed it & it fits great....great service & support... we'll be in touch later for more stuff for the H-3.
Sid C.
Just wanted to let you know I received my wheels and tires- they look great! Your service was outstanding and even though the price you quoted wasn't the lowest one I came across, I'm extremely satisfied with my experience buying through Carolina Classic Trucks, and I will be back next time I need something.
I just wanted to thank you for that quick turn around on the wrong size tire that was shipped. I have them mounted and all is good.
Thanks for your prompt help! When the time comes to purchase other accessories I will most certainly come to Carolina Classic Trucks.
Joe M.
Received in good condition and on time, thank you. I imagine this was not a big transaction for you, but it left a very positive impression on me. You also have the lowest price in North America for this item. I will shop again, and I will not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you again.
Max Y
I received the cargo net today and just wanted to thank you and Carolina Classic Trucks for the fast shipment and great customer service. I am extremely pleased and will certainly order from you again in the future. Thanks;
I received the deflector today. Thanks for the quick response on the price change and getting it delivered so fast. I will recommend you to my friends.
Hi, Thanks for very fast processing and shipment. Got the package yesterday. If it was on e-bay, I would have left A+++ feedback.
It got here Wednesday! I won't have time to put it on the truck until Thanksgiving, but that's quick delivery. thanks,
Got the package today, FEDEX scheduled in next Monday - but I though the were over conservative. Thanks again for great service!! Regards,
Thanks, it showed today! FAST!
Thank you very much! Your "after the sale" web customer care (i.e. emails indicating what is going on with the order) is second to none. Any folks who are weary about e-commerce will find it very comforting. Keep up the great work
Thanks for the good service and hood. It came out really good. Those hoods take alot of prep work to get them perfect but it was worth it.! Thanks
Brian K
Thanks a million, Happy New Year for sure! Thanks for the great job!
Dave R.
Thank you for shipping the Tire! I must say: Fast delivery service... I will let you know when I have received the Tire. Thanks again for shipping it so Quickly! You have no idea how great it is to get the tire so quick, thanks and God Bless you and your business!
I got the Tire Yesterday on the 22nd of February! Thank you it was a perfect match! I put the tire on my truck right when it got to my house! You Guys delivered Extremely Fast! I am Very Happy to have done business with your company, many thank-you's go out too you and your business... Keep up the Great Customer Service! Thank you and God Bless!
Thanks my order came great service on your part thank you
Larry B.
I just wanted to tell you guys that you are doing an excellent job, you have great prices and quick service, I will pass your name on to friends. Thanks
Mike A.
That's what I like about you guys. You are customer oriented. Thanks.
Ben D.
Yes it has arrived. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I have just told a friend about your professional business ethic and prompt service. (He is looking for a tonneau cover). Thanks again!
Thank you very much. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. I will put in a good word on my forum about your company and see if I can send some more business your way. Thanks again
Sometimes you don't see what we see. Keep up the great work.
From David Y. - your satisfied customer.
I would like to thank Carolina Classic Trucks for their assistance in helping me with the shipping company. Without their help rerouting my cover I probably would not have received it in time. Thank You
Mike, UNDERCOVER - Division of E. D. Industries, Inc.
Received the bulbs today, They look great! Thanks I will keep your company name for my next orders
The missing headlight arrived in my shop via UPS at 2:30 PM Friday afternoon. I just have to say; damn, that's about as fast as it gets! I think it got here in less time then it would take a person to fly the same route! I was able to make delivery on the job last night. It is now obvious to me that you were working on the problem. Thank you.
Steve B.
The shocks just showed up, thanks for going the extra mile. Thank you.
Kenneth Y
The Edge controller arrived Saturday AM. I installed both products, hooked to our 10,000 pd GVWR RV and headed to Myrtle Beach. I set the controller to the least aggressive mode. The premature transmission shifts were gone and the power was increased. I averaged 15.1 mpg. The truck was very good before, but now it's great. Thanks for your help!
Gary R.
I received the cover today, via truck. The box had a hole in it (noted on shipping ticket), but there was no damage to the cover. I installed it in about 40 minutes, by myself, and it is a perfect fit. Thank you for looking into having it delivered this week. That was a very fast turnaround. I appreciate the extra effort and excellent customer service!
Rik M.
Customer Testimonial Page