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Our secure online shopping cart is available for ordering 24/7/365. A conformation is sent to your email address immediately on completion of your transaction and a password-protected copy is retained on our server. Your order is addressed by our staff on the next business day.

  • Credit Cards & Check Cards
    We accept Visa and MasterCard. We no longer accept American Express or Discover. Carolina Classic Trucks uses for all of its credit card transactions. Since 1996, Authorize.Net has rapidly become a leading provider of Internet-based transaction services, with thousands of online and traditional business customers around the world.

  • Paying by Check Card
    We accept Check Cards, as long as they are connected with one of the major credit card companies. If you're paying with a Visa Check Card, or MasterMoney Card enter it as if it was a regular credit card.

    If Paying by Credit Card or Check Card- (CVV2) - The Credit Card Security Code

    What is a CVV code and where can it be found?

    The CVV Code (also known as CVV2) is not your PIN number, but a security code designed for your safety and security.  This protects you and us from fraud, since the CVV Code is never displayed on credit card receipts. You will find this number displayed on your credit card in the location illustrated below:

    For American Express cards, you can find your four-digit verification number (CVV2) on the front of your credit card above the credit card number on either the right or the left side of your credit card.  (see illustration)

    For Visa / MasterCard the three-digit verification number (CVV2) code is in the signature area on the back of your credit card far right side. Your credit card number should be printed here along with a three-digit number at the end.  (see illustration) (This is NOT the last 3 digits of your credit card number but the last three digits after the credit card number.)

    How to locate your CVV code:

    VISA & MasterCard:



    How is security improved by using the CVV code?

    The CVV code can only be found on the card itself and nowhere else, not even on associated credit card statements. This means that the person requesting the transaction must have (or have had) the card in their hands.

    Requiring that a card transaction is validated with the CVV code provides good protection against fraudulent use of a card number that has been obtained without permission or that has simply been guessed. It protects you against other people trying to use your card number fraudulently.

    What is our  policy for use of CVV codes?

    A CVV code is required for all our on-line credit card transactions.

    The CVV code is only stored temporarily for the purpose of executing an outstanding transaction. Once a transaction has been processed, the CVV number is deleted permanently from our transaction database.

    The CVV code is never displayed for administrative purposes, it is passed electronically (using encryption) and without visual inspection directly to the online processing gateway.

    Transaction failures caused by CVV validation errors are always investigated and, if appropriate, escalated to the credit card company.


  • PayPal
    We accept payment by PayPal. To make a PayPal payment, you'll need to be a member of PayPal. The service is free, and accepts your credit cards for on-line transactions. Sign up by visiting Our Paypal member ID is

    At the PayPal site, please CONTINUE through ALL of the screens until you are returned to this store to complete the order.

    Remember, on the PayPal Payment Complete screen, scroll down and in the lower right hand corner you will see a "Continue" button. You MUST click that button to complete the order.

    If you are not brought back to this store after clicking on the Continue, please email us immediately and tell us what happened, . If you do come back to the store but get a message that there is a delay in processing, please allow at least 30 minutes before you email us to inquire about your order. PayPal is experiencing heavy traffic volume and some payment authorizations are taking 30 to 45 minutes to post back to our store. If there is a delay, it is important that you do not change the contents of the basket after the payment has been submitted at If you get an error message during the checkout, please copy the exact error message and send it to us in an email. Please describe the circumstances when you received the error.

  • Concerns
    If you have a concern about giving your credit card information over the internet, please review our security & privacy policy. 

  • Checks and Postal Money Orders
    We accept checks or money orders denominated in U.S. dollars as payment. If you do choose to pay by check, you can send payment to the address below. Please be sure to write your e-mail address on the check or money order so we may properly credit your account. Paying by check does slow down your order somewhat, as we don't ship the items to you until your funds clear. Paying by personal check typically delays your order two to three weeks. Returned checks will be subject to the maximum returned check fee allowed by law. If paying by money order or check please be sure to include your full name, ship to address, telephone number, email address, and part numbers and names.

  • Wire Transfers
    We accept wire transfers from inside the US at no additional charge.  If outside the US, there is a $12.00 additional wire fee added to your order.

    How to contact us:

    Carolina Classic Trucks, Inc.
    5820 N. Church St.
    Ste. D Box 113
    Greensboro, NC 27455

    PHONE: 336-337-2132


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