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Powersteps by Amp Research

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Getting into your truck does not have to feel like you are climbing Mount Everest.  AMP Research invented POWERSTEP™, the automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends downward when you open your door, and then hides itself safely out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance.

Trucks seem to be getting bigger every year.  It is hard to get in a big truck without the help of some steps. Amp Research has solved this problem in a big way.  Not only are their steps lower to the ground than other steps, they also retract up and out of the way! If you're looking for the best  power running boards available in the market, then AMP Research PowerStep running boards the only powered steps you need to take a look at. No other step on the market even comes close to the quality, functionality and beauty of the Amp Research Powersteps. Each set of retractable truck steps comes with a custom wiring harness that supplies power to illuminate the LED lights. AMP Research PowerStep running boards have motors than moves the steps when the doors are open and closed. The steps hide beneath the underside of your truck (some models will extract to the underside of the rocker panels) and extend outward and down when the door or doors are opened. Powersteps are completely out of sight on some models, others tuck underneath the rocker panel, when not in use to leave your truck looking like there are not any steps on the truck while giving it a higher and cleaner look.

Illumination with the LED lights is a great feature when it's dark outside. They give you enough light directed on the step so that you know exactly where to plant your foot. The steps have ribs that run the entire length of the boards along with a "grip tape" like grip that is painted on. AMP Research PowerStep running boards are built in the USA. All materials used to produce these steps are top notch quality materials.
Of course Amp did their homework on these steps as the power retractable truck steps are also weatherproof. The connector that connects to the motor is weather tight.  Unlike many retractable truck steps out on the market these will hold 600lbs per step!  AMP Research PowerStep running boards are backed by a 5 Year/60,000 guarantee from the manufacturer. Amp Research PowerSteps are worth the investment you put into them. Just take a look at the resale table on your vehicle.  They allow a higher trade-in/sale value if you truck has the PowerSteps installed.

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