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Powersteps by Amp Research

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Amp Research PowerSteps are a type of automatic, retractable running board system designed for trucks and SUVs. These power-operated steps provide an innovative solution to improve vehicle accessibility, especially for taller vehicles that may be difficult to enter and exit, particularly for passengers with mobility challenges. The Amp Research PowerSteps feature a unique design that extends the running boards when the vehicle's doors are opened and retracts them when the doors are closed. This automatic deployment and retraction are triggered by sensors that detect the opening and closing of the vehicle's doors. When the steps are retracted, they remain tucked underneath the vehicle, preserving ground clearance and the vehicle's overall aesthetics. These steps are often integrated with the vehicle's electrical system and can be controlled manually through switches located inside the vehicle. They can also be wired to automatically retract when the vehicle reaches a certain speed to prevent damage while driving off-road or in challenging terrain. Amp Research is known for producing high-quality automotive accessories, and their PowerSteps have gained popularity for their convenience, functionality, and sleek design. They provide an excellent solution for individuals who want the benefits of running boards without sacrificing ground clearance or compromising the vehicle's appearance. . AMP Research PowerStep running boards are built in the USA. All materials used to produce these steps are top notch quality materials.
Of course Amp did their homework on these steps as the power retractable truck steps are also weatherproof. The connector that connects to the motor is weather tight.  Unlike many retractable truck steps out on the market these will hold 600lbs per step!  AMP Research PowerStep running boards are backed by a 5 Year/60,000 guarantee from the manufacturer. Amp Research PowerSteps are worth the investment you put into them. Just take a look at the resale table on your vehicle.  They allow a higher trade-in/sale value if you truck has the PowerSteps installed.

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