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Jotto Cargo Slide

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Jotto Cargo Slide Makes Jobs Easy
 The Jotto Cargo Slide's job is simple. It affords the luxury of being able to access cargo in a pickup truck when on the job site, recreation sports field or grocery parking lot simply by sliding the patented tray in and out of the truck bed. The need for a product that makes any loading or unloading product has never been greater. Trucks are getting bigger so it makes it harder for putting cargo in or taking it out of the trucks. With the Jotto Cargo Slide, it minimizes the effort and makes any job easier.


Load Heavy Cargo Fast

Whether you're at work or play, it's always better when you can cut back on downtime from tedious tasks such as loading or unloading cargo. Why risk injury on heavy cargo by reaching in to pull out heavy objects, or climbing in and out of the box to retrieve them when you can stay safely on the ground with the Jotto Cargo Slide to quickly and easily slide the cargo out? It only makes sense to simplify effort. Remember, safety is key. Jotto truck bed trays can help.

Tough Long-lasting Durable Construction
The Jotto Cargo Slide is constructed of tough anodized aluminum and depending on the model will haul between 600 to 1000 pounds. So not only is this truck bed cargo slide rugged enough to make your life easier, but it will do so for years and due to it's really strong construction will outlive your truck. Also, when you change or update your truck; if the bed is similar the slide can be reinstalled in the new one. It won't matter if you throw items into the back tray or set extremely heavy cargo on it, the roll out mechanism will work with the same applied minimal effort every time. In tests four large men have sat on the slide and a smaller person has pulled the truck bed cargo slide out with one hand.

Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation
Even if you're not mechanically inclined, the Jotto Cargo Slide is do-it-yourself friendly. There are easy to read installation instructions with the order, and ships with a standard courier. You just provide the plywood floor or buy the optional interlocking, snap-fit aluminum decking. As an added bonus for storage, there are optional snap in/snap out cargo baskets for the back and sides for more carrying capacity.

Most Practical Best Dressed Truck
With the Jotto Cargo Slide, you'll have the best utilized and dressed truck bed on the road. Live, work, play. It's all better achieved with the Jotto Cargo Slide, and puts "Life at your Fingertips."

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