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ACE IT X-GEL Swirl & Scratch Remover

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ACE IT X-GEL Swirl & Scratch Remover

In ONE SIMPLE STEP, ACE IT X-GEL Swirl & Scratch Remover uses powerful synthetic emulsifiers to remove fine surface blemishes, oxidation, and contaminates that can destroy your vehicle’s paint finish.
ACE IT X-GEL's “Self Diminishing Abrasives,” a major advance in technology and chemistry, remove fine scratches and swirl marks and dissolve to a jewelers rouge to buff the treated area to a high-gloss finish.
 X-Gel contains no silicones, mineral oils, or waxes
– inferior elements that only conceal scratches and swirl marks temporarily.

X-Gel removes scratches and swirl marks and doesn’t strip your clear-coat!
Because the abrasives used in X-Gel are ultra-refined and gentle (similar to those used to polish computer circuit boards), it safely polishes while only removing a minimal amount of clear-coat. As a result, you can control the area of your work and prevent unintentional damage to your vehicle!

In addition to paint finishes, X-Gel eliminates fine scratches, discoloration, blemishes, and distortion from:

Tail lights
Instrument panels
Convertible windows
Boat windows
Motorcycle face shields, helmets, and fairings

Order X-Gel today! You’ll eliminate those unsightly scratches, protect your clear-coat, AND save time!

Carolina Classic Trucks is an Authorized Distributor of Ace-it Products.


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