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SKU: tonnopro-42-312 TonnoPro TonnoFold Cover 42-312 for 73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/F350) Long Bed 8'ft

TonnoPro TonnoFold Cover 42-312 for 73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/F350) Long Bed 8'ft
Purchase TonnoPro TonnoFold Cover 42-312 for 73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/F350) Long Bed 8'ft
  • SKU: tonnopro-42-312 TonnoPro TonnoFold Cover 42-312 for 73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/F350) Long Bed 8'ft

  • $289.99

  • Manufacturer: Tonno Pro
  • Application: 73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/F350) Long Bed 8'ft
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73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/F350) Long Bed 8'ft TonnoFold Cover (includes Sure Seal tailgate seal, TonnoTorch LED bed light, ProClean vinyl cleaner, and PVC non-slip truck work gloves)

This cover offers a number of unique benefits that have made it one of the most versatile covers in its class. Constructed with three hinged sections that allow for easier folding and compact design, the cover is easier to remove than others in the class and is flexible and adjustable depending on the size of the cargo, whether it's a full load or a smaller haul.

Featuring double sided vinyl that is tear resistant and a 6063 powder coated frame that works with the construction to make it resilient to potential damage, this TonnoPro cover's high quality is hard to match. Because the Tri-Fold is ready to install and doesn't require drilling or other hardware assembly, it makes it easier to add to your truck with fewer steps or potential issues involved.

Designed to look good, offer easy installation and remain resilient and protective for your loads, the Tri-Fold is a perfect fit for those who are seeking low-profile styling that reduces weight and fuel consumption on a day to day basis.

Some of the other benefits offered by the TonnoPro Tri-Fold include:

  • Estimated fuel savings of up to 13% with the low profile styling of the cover
  • A full warranty, among the best in the industry for the cover, frame, and clamps
  • Fully assembled in advance so installation takes less than 10 minutes
  • Black texture double-sided vinyl finish provides tear resistant surface
  • Quick and easy storage of the system due to the snap clip fasteners used in the assembly
  • Designed to work with a full range of trucks from Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota

If you are looking for a new vinyl cover for your truck, the TonnoPro Tri-Fold cover offers the convenience of quick installation, reduced fuel consumption, and adjustable sizing with the durability and quality of a TonnoPro product.

Vehicle Applications

This part is designed to fit the following vehicles.

Ford F150 1973
Ford F150 1974
Ford F150 1975
Ford F150 1976
Ford F150 1977
Ford F150 1978
Ford F150 1979
Ford F150 1980
Ford F150 1981
Ford F150 1982
Ford F150 1983
Ford F150 1984
Ford F150 1985
Ford F150 1986
Ford F150 1987
Ford F150 1988
Ford F150 1989
Ford F150 1990
Ford F150 1991
Ford F150 1992
Ford F150 1993
Ford F150 1994
Ford F150 1995
Ford F150 1996
Ford F250 1973
Ford F250 1974
Ford F250 1975
Ford F250 1976
Ford F250 1977
Ford F250 1978
Ford F250 1979
Ford F250 1980
Ford F250 1981
Ford F250 1982
Ford F250 1983
Ford F250 1984
Ford F250 1985
Ford F250 1986
Ford F250 1987
Ford F250 1988
Ford F250 1989
Ford F250 1990
Ford F250 1991
Ford F250 1992
Ford F250 1993
Ford F250 1994
Ford F250 1995
Ford F250 1996
Ford F250 1997
Ford F250 1998
Ford F350 1973
Ford F350 1974
Ford F350 1975
Ford F350 1976
Ford F350 1977
Ford F350 1978
Ford F350 1979
Ford F350 1980
Ford F350 1981
Ford F350 1982
Ford F350 1983
Ford F350 1984
Ford F350 1985
Ford F350 1986
Ford F350 1987
Ford F350 1988
Ford F350 1989
Ford F350 1990
Ford F350 1991
Ford F350 1992
Ford F350 1993
Ford F350 1994
Ford F350 1995
Ford F350 1996
Ford F350 1997
Ford F350 1998


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