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Nitto NT421Q Tires

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The Nitto NT421Q is a tire model designed for all-season performance and comfort. It's produced by Nitto Tire, a company known for manufacturing a variety of high-quality tires for different types of vehicles.

Key features and characteristics of the Nitto NT421Q tires include:

  1. All-Season Performance: These tires are designed to provide good performance in various weather conditions, including dry, wet, and light snow conditions. They aim to deliver a balanced combination of traction and handling.

  2. Comfort: The NT421Q tires are often praised for their comfortable ride. They are designed to minimize road noise and provide a smooth driving experience.

  3. Tread Design: The tread pattern of the NT421Q tires is designed to enhance traction on both dry and wet surfaces. It typically includes a variety of sipes and grooves to improve grip and channel water away from the tire's contact patch, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

  4. Tire Construction: These tires are constructed using modern materials and technologies to improve durability and performance. This might include features like reinforced sidewalls to enhance stability during cornering and other maneuvers.

  5. Sizing: Nitto offers a range of sizes for the NT421Q tires to accommodate various vehicles, from passenger cars to crossovers and SUVs.

  6. Tire Type: The Nitto NT421Q is classified as a touring tire, which means it's designed for comfortable and relatively quiet rides, making it a suitable choice for everyday commuting and highway driving.

  7. UTQG Rating: The Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) rating on these tires provides information about their treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance. This can help consumers compare different tire models.

  8. Warranty: Like most tires, the Nitto NT421Q usually comes with a limited treadwear warranty, which covers the tire's performance over a specified mileage range.

Carolina Classic Trucks is a Nitto Tire authorized dealer.