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73-87 Chevrolet/GMC Truck O.E. Rocker Panel 1.2MM

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73-87  Chevrolet/GMC Truck O.E. Rocker Panel 1.2MM
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0850-101 AL
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Product Description

0850-101 This OEM style rocker panel, driver's side fits:

1973-1987 Chevrolet Pickup
1977-1987 GMC Pickup
1973-1991 Chevrolet Blazer
1973-1991 Chevrolet Suburban

Measurement 47x4x1

Restoration Parts by KeyParts are the best in the market. You simply cant beat the quality of their parts which is the reason we carry all of their parts and panels. This 4-inch cowl hood for a Chevy truck or a GMC truck is made in a state of the art production facility. Stamping forms are designed and engineered to exact specifications of the original equipment parts to ensure a quality fit. This steel cowl hood is the best option for replacing rusted or damaged factory part. When quality matters demand Keyparts panels as their superior fit and finish is paramount to the success of any project.

Vehicle Applications

This part is designed to fit the following vehicles.

Chevy C/K-10 1973
Chevy C/K-10 1974
Chevy C/K-10 1975
Chevy C/K-10 1976
Chevy C/K-10 1977
Chevy C/K-10 1978
Chevy C/K-10 1979
Chevy C/K-10 1980
Chevy C/K-10 1981
Chevy C/K-10 1982
Chevy C/K-10 1983
Chevy C/K-10 1984
Chevy C/K-10 1985
Chevy C/K-10 1986
Chevy C/K-10 1987
GMC C/K-10 1973
GMC C/K-10 1974
GMC C/K-10 1975
GMC C/K-10 1976
GMC C/K-10 1977
GMC C/K-10 1978
GMC C/K-10 1979
GMC C/K-10 1980
GMC C/K-10 1981
GMC C/K-10 1982
GMC C/K-10 1983
GMC C/K-10 1984
GMC C/K-10 1985
GMC C/K-10 1986
GMC C/K-10 1987
Chevy C/K-20 1973
Chevy C/K-20 1974
Chevy C/K-20 1975
Chevy C/K-20 1976
Chevy C/K-20 1977
Chevy C/K-20 1978
Chevy C/K-20 1979
Chevy C/K-20 1980
Chevy C/K-20 1981
Chevy C/K-20 1982
Chevy C/K-20 1983
Chevy C/K-20 1984
Chevy C/K-20 1985
Chevy C/K-20 1986
Chevy C/K-20 1987
GMC C/K-20 1973
GMC C/K-20 1974
GMC C/K-20 1975
GMC C/K-20 1976
GMC C/K-20 1977
GMC C/K-20 1978
GMC C/K-20 1979
GMC C/K-20 1980
GMC C/K-20 1981
GMC C/K-20 1982
GMC C/K-20 1983
GMC C/K-20 1984
GMC C/K-20 1985
GMC C/K-20 1986
GMC C/K-20 1987
Chevy C/K-30 1973
Chevy C/K-30 1974
Chevy C/K-30 1975
Chevy C/K-30 1976
Chevy C/K-30 1977
Chevy C/K-30 1978
Chevy C/K-30 1979
Chevy C/K-30 1980
Chevy C/K-30 1981
Chevy C/K-30 1982
Chevy C/K-30 1983
Chevy C/K-30 1984
Chevy C/K-30 1985
Chevy C/K-30 1986
Chevy C/K-30 1987
GMC C/K-30 1973
GMC C/K-30 1974
GMC C/K-30 1975
GMC C/K-30 1976
GMC C/K-30 1977
GMC C/K-30 1978
GMC C/K-30 1979
GMC C/K-30 1980
GMC C/K-30 1981
GMC C/K-30 1982
GMC C/K-30 1983
GMC C/K-30 1984
GMC C/K-30 1985
GMC C/K-30 1986
GMC C/K-30 1987

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