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SKU: DU-HA-30101 DU-HA 1500 Crew Cab in Brown 2019-2020

DU-HA 1500 Crew Cab in Brown 2019-2020
Purchase DU-HA 1500 Crew Cab in Brown 2019-2020
  • SKU: DU-HA-30101 DU-HA 1500 Crew Cab in Brown 2019-2020

  • $199.95

  • Manufacturer: DU-HA
  • Part #: 30101
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DU-HA 1500 Crew Cab in Brown 2019-2020

Each DU-HA is hand crafted to fit a specific model of truck. The Ram 1500 Crew Cab - 2019 model is intended to fit underneath your prior rearward sitting arrangements. It's built from uncompromising polyethylene and accompanies a lifetime guarantee. On the off chance that your truck came furnished with a metal plate or a cover framework under the rearward sitting arrangement, you should evacuate the production line plate before introducing your DU-HA. These plate are tradable, so you will have the option to re-introduce them later if necessary. This DU-HA holds 2 rifles or shotguns, 1 with scope, yet may not go about as a legitimate firearm case in states with weapon case laws, except if weapons are first positioned in quite a while. Check with your neighborhood experts for the firearm case laws in your state.

19 RAM 1500 Crew Cab Black, Tan and Brown DU-HA Storage Systems - Whether you're a contractual worker, athlete or basically somebody searching for an incredible method to sort out your pickup truck and keep your apparatus sheltered and far out, the DU-HA is ideal for you. The DU-HA permits you to store your apparatus, weapons, power instruments, tow ropes, secure ties, emergency treatment pack, tackle, bungee lashes, caps, boots, gloves, chains, jumper links, thus significantly more securely and safely under or behind the secondary lounge of your truck. The DU-HA incorporates a 2 piece weapon rack/coordinator, so you can securely store your firearms in their upstanding position.


  • Truck shown with seats up.
  • Seats shown with the DU-HA installed.
  • Seats shown in down position with the DU-HA installed.
  • The DU-HA is perfect for the contractor! Keep your tools organized inside the DU-HA. Adds much needed extra organized space.
  • Holds 2 rifles or shotguns, 1 with scope.
  • Comes in three colors to match your trucks interior.


  • Dimensions: L 58 x W 18.5 x H 7.5
  • Total weight: 13 lbs

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