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1973-1982 Chevy/GMC Truck Classic Update Series Complete Wiring Kit

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Chevrolet Truck 1973-1982 Updated Complete Wiring Kit

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    1973-1982 Chevy/GMC Wiring Harness
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    Product Description

    1973-82 Chevy / GMC Truck Kit Classic Update Wiring Kit

    The 1973-82 Chevy / GMC Truck Kit Classic Update Wiring Kit gives you one of the most complete kit on the market to to make wiring your truck very easy.  This kit boasts 12 features making it the most complete system of its type in the industry including:
    • A replacement headlight switch with internal 25-amp circuit breaker, adjustable length shaft, and custom knob.
    • Standard turn signal flasher, hazard flasher, and horn relay mounted on harness.
    • Fuse box designed to fit in original location with no mods to the firewall. All required hardware supplied. New ATO fuse panel allows for easy fuse and circuit breaker accessibility. Harness is laid out and formed to allow for nearly all after market accessories such as; gauge packages, wiper systems, heat and air conditioning systems, etc.
    • Steering column connectors can plug directly into most aftermarket steering columns or stock 1975 and up GM columns. Can also be mated to earlier columns using the adapter and terminals included in the kit.
    • Separate under dash courtesy lamp assemblies are also included for use along with your original dome/interior lighting feeds.
    • Instrument Cluster wiring is designed with a ´┐Żcluster harness disconnect´┐Ż system for easy service and assembly. Original terminals and connector that will plug into the original gauge cluster (another American Autowire exclusive) are provided. The system will also connect into most popular aftermarket gauges such as DAKOTA DIGITAL, CLASSIC INSTRUMENTS, AUTOMETER, VDO, and others.
    • Rear body harness assembly plugs into the main harness at the main bulkhead disconnect location and our longer leads allow for stock or custom routing of the wires. Rear body wiring includes backup light lead wires and connectors along with stop and tail light lead wires and connectors. License plate lamp lead connection, as well as the fuel tank sender lead connection is also included.
    • Original style lamp sockets and side markers for fleet side and original style molded connections for step side rear lamps are included.
    • New floor dimmer switch is provided for ease of installation. Wire length and connection accommodate original floor mount dimmer switch.
    • Engine wiring includes feeds for coil, tach, water temperature, oil pressure, electric choke, and electric speedometer (if needed). A heavy gauge alternator feed and fusible link are also included for any typical high output 1 wire or internally regulated alternator. Connectors supplied for power and tach leads for GM style H.E.I. distributors along with various oil and temp senders.
    • Front lighting includes extra long leads that can be routed for stock or optional appearances. All head light, parking light, and directional light leads, along with a switched trigger wire for an electric fan relay (usually recommended with AC) are provided. Mating terminals and connectors are also provided for you to complete your custom installation.
    • New parking lamp socket and side marker lamp sockets are also included.

    This wiring harness kit is suitable for the following vehicles:

    • 1973 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1974 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1975 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1976 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1977 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1978 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1979 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1980 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1981 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1982 Chevrolet C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1973 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1974 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1975 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1976 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1977 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1978 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1979 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1980 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1981 GMC C/K Full Size Truck
    • 1982 GMC C/K Full Size Truck


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    Vehicle Applications

    This part is designed to fit the following vehicles.

    Chevy C10 Truck 1973
    Chevy C10 Truck 1974
    Chevy C10 Truck 1975
    Chevy C10 Truck 1976
    Chevy C10 Truck 1977
    Chevy C10 Truck 1978
    Chevy C10 Truck 1979
    Chevy C10 Truck 1980
    Chevy C10 Truck 1981
    Chevy C10 Truck 1982
    Chevy C20 Truck 1973
    Chevy C20 Truck 1974
    Chevy C20 Truck 1975
    Chevy C20 Truck 1976
    Chevy C20 Truck 1977
    Chevy C20 Truck 1978
    Chevy C20 Truck 1979
    Chevy C20 Truck 1980
    Chevy C20 Truck 1981
    Chevy C20 Truck 1982
    Chevy C30 Truck 1973
    Chevy C30 Truck 1974
    Chevy C30 Truck 1975
    Chevy C30 Truck 1976
    Chevy C30 Truck 1977
    Chevy C30 Truck 1978
    Chevy C30 Truck 1979
    Chevy C30 Truck 1980
    Chevy C30 Truck 1981
    Chevy C30 Truck 1982
    Chevy K10 Truck 1973
    Chevy K10 Truck 1974
    Chevy K10 Truck 1975
    Chevy K10 Truck 1976
    Chevy K10 Truck 1977
    Chevy K10 Truck 1978
    Chevy K10 Truck 1979
    Chevy K10 Truck 1980
    Chevy K10 Truck 1981
    Chevy K10 Truck 1982
    Chevy K20 Truck 1973
    Chevy K20 Truck 1974
    Chevy K20 Truck 1975
    Chevy K20 Truck 1976
    Chevy K20 Truck 1977
    Chevy K20 Truck 1978
    Chevy K20 Truck 1979
    Chevy K20 Truck 1980
    Chevy K20 Truck 1981
    Chevy K20 Truck 1982
    Chevy K30 Truck 1973
    Chevy K30 Truck 1974
    Chevy K30 Truck 1975
    Chevy K30 Truck 1976
    Chevy K30 Truck 1977
    Chevy K30 Truck 1978
    Chevy K30 Truck 1979
    Chevy K30 Truck 1980
    Chevy K30 Truck 1981
    Chevy K30 Truck 1982
    GMC C15 Truck 1973
    GMC C15 Truck 1974
    GMC C15 Truck 1975
    GMC C15 Truck 1976
    GMC C15 Truck 1977
    GMC C15 Truck 1978
    GMC C15 Truck 1979
    GMC C15 Truck 1980
    GMC C15 Truck 1981
    GMC C15 Truck 1982
    GMC C25 Truck 1973
    GMC C25 Truck 1974
    GMC C25 Truck 1975
    GMC C25 Truck 1976
    GMC C25 Truck 1977
    GMC C25 Truck 1978
    GMC C25 Truck 1979
    GMC C25 Truck 1980
    GMC C25 Truck 1981
    GMC C25 Truck 1982
    GMC C35 Truck 1973
    GMC C35 Truck 1974
    GMC C35 Truck 1975
    GMC C35 Truck 1976
    GMC C35 Truck 1977
    GMC C35 Truck 1978
    GMC C35 Truck 1979
    GMC C35 Truck 1980
    GMC C35 Truck 1981
    GMC C35 Truck 1982
    GMC K15 Truck 1973
    GMC K15 Truck 1974
    GMC K15 Truck 1975
    GMC K15 Truck 1976
    GMC K15 Truck 1977
    GMC K15 Truck 1978
    GMC K15 Truck 1979
    GMC K15 Truck 1980
    GMC K15 Truck 1981
    GMC K15 Truck 1982
    GMC K25 Truck 1973
    GMC K25 Truck 1974
    GMC K25 Truck 1975
    GMC K25 Truck 1976
    GMC K25 Truck 1977
    GMC K25 Truck 1978
    GMC K25 Truck 1979
    GMC K25 Truck 1980
    GMC K25 Truck 1981
    GMC K25 Truck 1982
    GMC K35 Truck 1973
    GMC K35 Truck 1974
    GMC K35 Truck 1975
    GMC K35 Truck 1976
    GMC K35 Truck 1977
    GMC K35 Truck 1978
    GMC K35 Truck 1979
    GMC K35 Truck 1980
    GMC K35 Truck 1981
    GMC K35 Truck 1982

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