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Aluminum Drop Ball Mounts

The Alumistinger aluminum ball mount  is made of one solid piece of aluminum super alloy with no welds, giving it all the strength and durability you need.

Alumistinger ball mounts will never rust and are much lighter than standard steel ball mounts of similar strength. The Alumistinger is available by itself in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10" drops.  The 2, 4, and 6" drops are also available in kits including your choice of ball size and a locking receiver pin.  
The Rapid Hitch is the revolutionary aluminum adjustable ball mount that has taken the hitch world by storm. No ball mount is more versatile or easier to use than the Rapid Hitch. Its adjustability allows you to tow easily and safely by keeping your trailer parallel to the ground, maintaining a more stable towing experience.
The Rapid Hitch is the perfect hitch for anyone who tows multiple trailers. You can flip the double ball over, change the drop to a rise, or adjust the height of the drop all by simply removing the hitch pin and putting it back in place. With the easy height adjustment you can make sure you are keeping your trailer level. With the 2" and 2 5/16" ball combo, you cover most trailers on the road today. We also have a combination ball that includes the 1 7/8" and 2" ball. The 3 common ball sizes (i.e. 1 7/8", 2" & 2 5/16") are available individually if desired. The various balls are easily changed by removing a hidden pin which attaches the ball to the ball housing.

Balls and locking pins are also available separately.

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Aluminum Drop Ball Mounts