Bed Liners and BedRugs for Trucks

We offer the most durable bedliners available on the market today.
Our durable bed liners provide rugged protection from dents, scratches and chemical spills while preventing dangerous load shifts.

The BedRug looks like carpet and feels like carpet, but it is All RUGGED PLASTIC!
Eater, dirt, grease, oil, acids, bleach or solvents does not affect a BedRug.
BedRugs have a custom molded non-scratch closed cell foam bottom that fits
and fills in the ribs of your truck bed for a smooth "knee" friendly surface.
The top is made of a luxurious carpet-like plastic fiber surface.
BedRug makes a great sleep surface for camping.
BedRugs are very easy to cleanup!
Simply vacuum, sweep, spray with a water hose, or use a pressure washer.
Unlike hard plastic bedliners the Bedrug is slide resistant.
Super easy installation, and fits like a glove as each one is custom made for your truck make and model.
BedRug does it all. And, with more style than any other plastic bedliner.

DualLiner bedliners are very unique as they use custom fitted polyethylene sides that interlock into the rubber bed mat.
 This offers great protection for the sides of the bed and a great non slip surface the bed floor.
DualLiner bedliners will not trap water nor scratch paint like traditional plastic bedliners do.
DualLiner bedliners install in minutes.
All DualLiner bedliners come with a hard type tail gate cover.

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