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Swift Hitch Wireless Color Backup Cameras and Accessories

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Swift Hitch
Swift Hitch
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Swift Hitch Portable Camera System
Attach the Camera to the vehicle using its magnetic base.
Swift Hitch Camera
Using the camera, backup safely as you view the
2.5" color LCD screen.
Swift Hitch Portable Back-up Wirless Camera System
Use the Swift Hitch to safely line up to your trailer
with ease.



Swift Hitch

New Swift Hitch Accessories is a portable wireless Full Color back-up Camera System Camera:

  • Camera has a magnetic base
  • Transmission Distance 300 feet (100m)
  • Fully Automatic Night Vision Swift Hitch Night Vision
  • Night Vision Range 15 Feet (5m)
  • 4 Hour Built-In Rechargeable Li-Battery

  • Easy to use, Single Hand Operation
  • Full Color 2.5" LCD Screen
  • LCD Resolution 960 x 240
  • Select Normal or Reverse Image
  • 4 Hour Rechargeable Li-Battery

    The Swift-Hitch is way more than just a portable back up camera system. Look at what other Swift Hitch users have told us:

  • RV Owners

    Used Swift Hitch while adjusting the satellite dish for best reception. Simply point the camera at the TV and hold the display to fine tune the dish position. NOTE: please put this at the top of the list. On a stop-over or while camping to monitor sleeping child while your sitting just outside the vehicle.

    Look into tight spaces on remodeling jobs.

    View work from a different angle when alone with the Switch Hitch.

    Chimney Sweep
    Mounted the camera on a pole using the a " 20 thread on camera to inspect a chimney. The night vision is the key.

    Plumber & HVAC
    Inspect plumbing and find leaks in tight spaces.

    Locate that missing bolt that dropped or inspect an area that cannot be seen without an inspection mirror. The NIGHT Vision is very cool.

    Place the camera up to 100 yards away for view of game as it approaches - check local laws in advance.

    Boat Owners
    Position the camera on the corner of your boat while backing down a ramp to launch or while backing in to a slip; to visually inspect an inboard engine for leaks while performing preventive maintenance; to locate something dropped in the bilge.

    Marine Surveyors
    Attach the camera to a pole to make quick view of tight spots during below deck inspections.

    Home Surveyors
    Attach the camera to a pole to allow easy view of crawl spaces and attic where space is limited.