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recovery straps

Recovery straps are used to free a stuck vehicle. They are made of nylon with a loop at each end. They do not have metal hooks at each end; those are tow straps and should not be used for recovery. Instead, recovery straps have built-in stretch, and when attached to a stuck vehicle, the strap stretches like a rubber band. This resistance is kinetic energy, and as the tension increases, so does the likelihood of the stuck vehicle coming free. For this reason, recovery straps are far superior to chains or a regular rope.

When selecting a recovery strap, consider the weight of the vehicle you may need to free. The wider the strap, the more weight it can pull, but a wider strap has less stretch. In general, each inch of width can pull out about 10,000 pounds. If you would like assistance choosing the right recovery strap for your needs, please call or email us.

In addition to recover straps, we also have tow straps and snatch straps listed below.

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Item # OK-SP015
Our Price: $19.00
Item # OK-DP015
Our Price: $29.00
Item # OK-XD020
Our Price: $50.00
Item # OK-XD025
Our Price: $55.00
Item # OK-XD030
Our Price: $60.00
Item # OK-MD430
Our Price: $150.00
Item # OK-MD630
Our Price: $220.00
Item # OK-SNS230
Our Price: $50.00
Item # OK-SNS330
Our Price: $65.00
Item # OK-SNS430
Our Price: $79.00
Item # OK-ARBSN2
Our Price: $70.00
Item # OK-ARBSN3
Our Price: $85.00
Item # OK-ARBSN4
Our Price: $116.00
Item # 430000
Our Price: $95.88
Item # 330000
Our Price: $66.88
Item # 230000
Our Price: $44.88