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Fass Fuel Systems

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Free Shipping on all Fass Fuel System Titanium Lift Pumps!

One of the most important systems in your truck is its fuel system. The filter ensures that no contaminants can get into the system while reducing Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the system. But some systems do this better than others. That's why we carry Fass Fuel Systems for major truck models.

The FASS Titanium series of fuel systems offers a dual filter setup with water separator and fuel filter. This ensures a reduction in the aforementioned gasses as well as increased horsepower and torque, better overall dependability, and a longer injector life for your truck. As a result of these benefits, it's also possible you will see your fuel mileage increase.

When to Choose a FASS Fuel System

FASS systems are best suited for installation followed the installation of a tuner. It's also recommended to install a Beans Sump Kit with the FASS system to ensure there is no restriction of fuel to the pump. If there is a change in the pump sound at all after the installation of your FASS system, we recommend the secondary installation of a draw straw or sump, in which case a Beans Diesel Performance Sump is among the best.

For those with Duramax trucks from GM, you'll also need to have the FASS Fuel Filter installed - it will replace the factory fuel filter and is an important part of the system.

Contact Us for Your FASS Fuel System

If you are ready to protect your diesel truck investment and order a FASS Fuel system, contact Carolina Classic Trucks today. We are a FASS Authorized VIP Dealer and can help you choose the right option for your truck, along with free shipping of your part upon ordering. You can also click one of the three truck models below to learn more about those specific system models.

FASS has over 19 years experience in manufacturing the highest quality Fuel Air Separation Systems and electric diesel fuel pumps available. This has lead them to use a Gerotor specific fuel pump. Fass's success in the class 8 truck market has been above the rest. Fass pumps typically last at least 700,000+ miles and confidence is evident in it's warranty. Fass offers warranties from 4 years on semi’s up to a lifetime warranty on pickup trucks applications!

All of Fass's assembly and testing is done under one roof and Fass maintains the highest quality standards throughout the industry. The FASS Systems undergo twenty plus vigorous tests before being shipped to insure they exceed your expectations.

Fass now has a new bracket system that ships with each Titanium Series Fuel Systems. This bracket allows the customer a lot of options on how high or low and left to right as the bracket has slots cut into them. Don't let the slots fool you, these brackets are super strong. The new bracket systems allows you install the FASS fuel systems much quicker and easier.

How Fass Fuel Systems Work