Where to Live for Daily Off-Roading

Off Road driving is a lot of fun for experienced drivers. It is an excellent way to put a driver and their vehicle to the test and see if both have the endurance to overcome challenging driving conditions.

Besides that, it’s a lot of fun to bounce around like crazy and take deep, gashing turns while spewing up dirt and gravel. With the right jeep accessories, even smaller vehicles can tear up the earth.

Finding the Right Off Road Hot Spots

The best places to go or live for daily off road driving are the places that have poorly developed roads, or better yet, no roads at all. While most people don’t want to live in the middle of the wilderness, living within a reasonable driving distance will make it possible for you to go driving off road quite regularly.

This makes just about anywhere in Montana a great place to set up shop for off road driving enthusiasts, including drivers of smaller vehicles with the jeep accessories to make them viable.

There you’ll find mountains, flat land, forests and plenty of space with nobody around for miles – a widely varied palette indeed.

Colorado and the Rocky Mountains

Off-Roading in Colorado

With that same penchant for mountainous areas in mind, it only seems proper to mention Colorado. Because the Rockies run through the state, there are many snowcaps and at just about any time of year, you can go off road in almost any conditions you can imagine.

Some of what Colorado has to offer is for experts only, and navigating those stretches of dire land should never be attempted by a novice.


Jeep off-roading in Alaska

Alaska offers lots to see, as well as unique terrain and weather, that you won’t find elsewhere in the US, with opportunities for dirt-road travel and true off-road adventures. Plan to drive in the snow to see glaciers and wildlife, such as moose and reindeer. For a spectacular view that doesn’t require too much experience, the Petersville Road will take you into Denali National Park, and offers views of Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America.

The American Southwest

Off Roading in the American Southwest

Off road driving isn’t all about rocky crags and kicking up dust on huge hills – there are other kinds of terrain which are admittedly more challenging to cross but which can be even more entertaining to navigate. With all the sand in the Mojave, there are great places to stay in Nevada, Arizona, eastern California and elsewhere with lots of sandy driving conditions.

Not only is sand notoriously difficult to drive on, but vehicles will surely need specialty sand tires, which look a lot like tank treads spun around a wheel. Jeep accessories like these are pretty much a necessity when going for a drive in the desert.

There are admittedly some problems with living in hot, dry climates – problems which will certainly affect one’s vehicle. Keeping up lubricants like oil, transmission fluid and more becomes especially important when cars, trucks and jeeps are running at higher temperatures than they’re supposed to thanks to baking in the sun all day.

Jeep accessories which tell the user when to top off fluids are of great use when living in a place like this. Whether the off road driving is worth the trouble is all up to the individual of course.

For those who literally want to go off road driving every day, even when they don’t plan for it, there are many options throughout the United States, and plenty more if you’re creative enough.

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