How to Modernize a Custom Classic Truck

Truck restoration isn’t always about making an old vehicle run like it used to; sometimes custom trucks are modernized to make them more efficient and friendly to the demands of driving today. With gasoline prices higher than ever and only going up, boosting the fuel efficiency of a truck is something every owner should be […]

Three Biggest Obstacles to Classic Truck Restoration

Truck restoration┬ácan be extremely rewarding, but is also very challenging under many circumstances. While some older vehicles with fewer electric parts and more mechanical components are easier for mechanics to repair and maintain, there are three big obstacles which typically come up during a restoration project. Any one of these can halt a restoration in […]

Most Popular Classic Truck Models

Whether you’re a newcomer to the classic truck scene or have been pining after early 20th century Fords and Chevys your whole life, the following trucks are far and away among the most popular and attractive classic trucks you’ll find. These are the trucks everyone will flock to at a car show and lay down […]