What Makes TonnoPro Covers Different from Other Brands?

If the time has come to choose a new tonneau cover for your truck, there are more options today than ever before. Depending on the make and model of your truck, the applications for which your cover will be used, and the surrounding conditions, there may be several factors to consider. For this reason, we […]

Spring is Coming, and Wheels are on our Minds!

So, Spring is in the air…well, ok, Spring isn’t quite in the air, as most of America is dealing with mountains of snow that is still coming down, but spring IS coming and it will be here sooner rather than later.  It’s with this in mind that we wanted to take time to focus on […]

Top 5 New Gadgets for Your Car or Truck

Thinking about the new gadgets that you can add to your car for the fall, or that can go on your holiday gift list for loved ones? With so many options out there, it’s hard to decide what will be the best new upgrade. Here is a list of the top new gadgets that you […]

How to Use Your Truck Hitch Properly

Your truck is a handy tool for heavy duty hauling jobs, but the power of your truck is only as good as the security of your hitch. Failing to install and use it properly can cause dangerous or even fatal accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety bureau has reported that over 400 injuries and an […]

The Difference Between Off Road Tires

To many drivers, the majority of off road tires look the same. They all have deeper treads than the average tires and they’re bigger, bulkier and heavier than their road-bound counterparts. It’s a bigger tire, designed to perform a bigger job. However, there are actually notable differences between off road tires. Some of these are […]

How to Install and Use a Truck Winch

A good truck winch is a must have for any truck owner. That simple device can be a lifesaver if your truck ever gets stuck or if you come across another vehicle that is stuck. However, installation of a truck winch can be tricky if your truck is not already ready for one. To ensure no damage […]

Going from Pavement to Dirt in Your Truck

Today more than ever trucks serve a dual purpose. Most people don’t use a truck for only one thing, unless they happen to work on the job site. Even then, that same truck might be used for transportation and commuting as much as hauling. Whether you have a big family and happen to use your […]

How Much Electrical Power Does Your Truck Need?

When you upgrade your truck, you might start to notice some issues. Especially if you have the same stock electrical system installed, you may notice that your vehicle doesn’t always perform as it should – that when the system is taxed it may slow down or not start right away. This can be due to […]

What is a Tonneau Cover?

Chances are, you sometimes need a cover across your bed to protect items you need to transport from one location to another. A common way to temporarily seal off your truck bed is to use something called a tonneau cover – a useful part with a funny name! A tonneau was a compartment on old […]

The Science Behind Cowl Induction Hoods

When it comes to upgrades for your truck, nothing looks cooler than a cowl induction hood. The scoop, the lightweight construction and the roar of the engine – it’s enough to make any truck lover stop and take notice. But cowl induction is about more than just aesthetics. This technology offers a range of benefits […]