Top 5 New Gadgets for Your Car or Truck

Thinking about the new gadgets that you can add to your car for the fall, or that can go on your holiday gift list for loved ones? With so many options out there, it’s hard to decide what will be the best new upgrade. Here is a list of the top new gadgets that you should check out:

1. Go green.

MPG Meter by Thirteen Of Clubs on Flickr

Just because you don’t own a hybrid or a Prius, doesn’t mean you can’t make your car greener – and save yourself fuel in the meantime.  You can get an MPG meter, which is exactly what it sounds like: a device that tells you how many miles to the gallon your car is getting in real time. This gadget can help you adjust your acceleration and deceleration rates while driving to save fuel and money.  These devices attach to your dash much like a GPS does, and run under $100.

2. Shoot a video.

You can equip your car with camera systems – internal or external – that can serve a number of purposes: a car reverse camera for backing up, a night camera for seeing better in the dark, an inside camera as an added security measure should your car get stolen – or to keep an eye on where and how your kid is using your car.  Prices range the gamut, with systems starting on the low $100’s, but for about $2000, you can invest in one system that does all of those things, and includes a DVR for you to playback and watch remotely.  Talk about a high tech way to improve your driving.

3. Hook it up.

bluetooth controls by cjc4454 on Flickr

Your smartphone went from a novelty to the device that you can’t live without. So why not get the most out of it by connecting it to your car? GM will be releasing a number of its 2015 models with 4G LTE connections so it’s not going to be standard for a while. In the meantime, you can use a Bluetooth device, such as Automatic Link, to connect your smartphone and stream audio, use as a GPS, and even get automotive tools to improve your driving or monitor your vehicle.

4. Avoid drifting.

Hot off the assembly line, and available in aftermarket or as an option on just a handful of car models, is the AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System.  This neat device can detect any visible lane lines and will alert you when your car begins to drift with a sound warning. That means you’re still on your own during a snowstorm, but if you drop something in your lap or get distracted, this warning system will help steer you back to safety.

5. Monitor everything.

The Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi can monitor your car’s mileage, speed, position – and is another great device for parents monitoring the use of their car. It’s touted as being “easy to install” and, at a price point of $249, is relatively affordable. It can hook up to your smartphone too and can be used to start your car or unlock doors remotely.

These tools will help keep you on the cutting edge with technology designed to help you get the most out of your car – or make you look like a hero when buying holiday gifts for that hard-to-please friend.

Top 5 New Gadgets for Your Car or Truck

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