The Difference Between Off Road Tires

To many drivers, the majority of off road tires look the same. They all have deeper treads than the average tires and they’re bigger, bulkier and heavier than their road-bound counterparts. It’s a bigger tire, designed to perform a bigger job.

However, there are actually notable differences between off road tires. Some of these are visible if one gets close enough to inspect them thoroughly, while some differences are as clear as night and day, even among tires from the same manufacturer. Below you will find a collection of some common off road tires and their variations, just as a quick illustration of how much variance there is.

Toyo Open Country Tire

This is the Toyo Open Country M/T Tire. Notice that the treads don’t quite run the length of the rubber but are in a sort of checkered pattern, leaving lots of space in bent and curved grooves. The treads on this tire are not especially deep for a good reason; this is to illustrate a fairly standard, run-of-the-mill off road tire.

Goodyear Wrangler Tire

This Goodyear Wrangler tire has significantly deeper treads as can be seen by the greater elevation between them. In addition, it’s from a brand well known for producing high quality offroad tires. The result is a tire designed to handle nearly any type of terrain.

They’re big and heavy so they are naturally a bit louder when driving on asphalt and streets. While these tires aren’t really meant for pavement driving, they’re put together so well they can stand up to it without a problem.

Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tireMickey Thompson Baja ATZ tire

Above are two different tires from the same manufacturer. On the left, the Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tire is built for catching sand in its grooves and propelling the driver and vehicle through unsure terrain like gravel and other loose grit.

On the right is the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ tire which is specially designed to get through snow, mud and other slick conditions with the belt running up the middle, as well as treads which extend onto the sides of the wheels. Its grip is hard to beat.

Super Swamper Bogger TireSuper Swamper TSL Tire

Sometimes, no regular off road tire will do the job. A driver needs to turn his or her vehicle into something more like a tank, capable of rolling over any terrain and crushing down or simply bypassing obstacles along the way.Super Swamper Tires don’t have the sleek look of racing tires, but for offroad racing, there are few better.

With the five examples given here it is easy to see the difference between off road tires. Some are meant for sand, slush or other specific types of terrain, while others just roll over anything in the driver’s path. Others still are little more than regular tires with improved traction and handling.

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