Get The Most Out Of Summer With Your Truck

More dog days of summer lie ahead and there’s still plenty of time to make the most of them. Your truck gives you the horsepower and storage to do something exciting and unique with your summer. Here are 4 activities that are perfect for truck owners:

Truck Towing via Flickr

1. Rent a camper.

You don’t need to go out and buy an RV. Instead, you can simply rent a camper or travel trailer, hitch it up and you’re ready to go! Remember that airline tickets, hotel stay and car rental for a family of four can easily add up to thousands of dollars, while travel trailers can rent for less than a $1000 for whole a week, depending on size and equipment. Pop up campers go for even less and if you’re taking an outdoors camping trip, this may be ideal the solution for you. No more staycations when you can hitch up a camper and hit the road!

2. Go geocaching.

The hot new trend in entertainment is geocaching, an outdoor scavenger hunt going on across the U.S. and around the world. Started in 2000, this popular activity requires a GPS or smartphone, and sign up at a site, such as the original, which can be used with a fee, or the free site, Once there, locate your desired coordinates and hunt for the items buried or hidden there. Geocaches come in a variety of sizes from handheld items to very large. You can hunt for items by difficulty of terrain, making it an ideal adventure for sturdy trucks. Teaming this activity with a camper rental makes for a fun and interesting vacation.

3. Hitch up or carry another vehicle.

Have an ATV, scooter or motorcycle, or even a boat? With a proper, heavy duty hitch, you can haul your own vehicles to your camping trip but be careful – improper installation can be dangerous. Watch “Keep Other Drivers Safe: The Right Way to Hitch an ATV Trailer” to learn how and what can happen if you don’t. If you’re transporting bikes or vehicles on a flatbed, check out “How to Move a Motorcycle onto a Flatbed” for more tips.

4. Build something.

While building a tree house is all the rage, it’s not exactly safe and might tick off your neighbors. However, you can still build a deck, a picnic table or a playhouse for your kids, especially if you have a flat bed or pick up truck for hauling supplies. Consult your local hardware store to get the skinny on what you need, and make sure your know what the codes and regulations for your area before starting. Go to your nearest lumberyard and ask the owner if they have bundles they want to get rid to find a low price. Keep in mind what you are building and the quality of wood you will need. If you want a deck that will last, you’ll need a better quality than for playhouse, but both will need to be strong and safe.

You can turn your truck into a camper or your flatbed into a hot tub, but these ideas will get you started on a fun and productive summer that doesn’t harm your truck. This summer, put your truck’s power to use and enjoy it!

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