Spring is Coming, and Wheels are on our Minds!

So, Spring is in the air…well, ok, Spring isn’t quite in the air, as most of America is dealing with mountains of snow that is still coming down, but spring IS coming and it will be here sooner rather than later.  It’s with this in mind that we wanted to take time to focus on that which affects our vehicle much more than we ever give them credit.   Our wheels.

jeep wheels

First and foremost, a wheel set isn’t something you just jump into. With most features, parts and supplies that are externally viewed, owners tend to take a good bit of pride in how the things they buy look on their cars or trucks.  We get that, but wheels … ah, wheels says more about who you are and what you drive than most anything else on your truck.

Do you own a stock truck? Or a tricked out low-rider? A ragtop jeep or brand-new Hummer? We’ve created a buyers’ guide to wheels that discusses a few of the primary factors we think are important when looking for a new wheel set, but in this post we want to talk about some of the hot wheel sets we have this spring and what you can use them for.

What do you use your truck for?

This question more than any other will quickly put you into the proper mindset (and wheels bucket) for determining what you want to purchase. If you’re an off-roader, you probably do want wheels that are rugged, can take a beating (and maybe a ding or two) and still not produce a blowout in the middle of your drive. You’re interested in heavy duty construction, probably steel. Wheels that are fairly inexpensive and allow you enjoy driving off-road, looking stylish and still make it back to town without ending up in the weeds needing a tow. Of course, we can’t ensure your style of driving WON’T put you in a ditch, but that’s not going to be a wheels issue, if it happens.

For the owner who likes tooling around town, sporting some hot rims that look sharp, start with the aluminum alloy offerings we have available. These wheels are lightweight, much lighter than their steel counterparts, are typically rust-resistant which translates to a long-lasting shine. There are a great many styles, price points and brands to choose from in the alloy arena, so buyers will not be wanting for choices if this is the type of wheel you want.

In the end, like most things we put on our trucks, we want it to say something about us, but there are practical considerations that you will want to keep in mind.  We’ve tried to outline a few of those in the Wheels Guide and in this post, we hope they help!   Happy Trucking!

Photo by Brett Levin Photography on Flickr

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