Planning a Weekend Excursion in Your Jeep

If you own a Jeep, you probably want to use it for its intended purpose – going offroad and testing its limits. Whether you’re a first time offroader or you have been taking your Jeep out on trail rides for years, there are some things to keep in mind before you head out of town. Here are some of the most important, both in terms of what to have on board and how to prepare your vehicle.

Planning a Weekend Excursion in Your Jeep

Where Are You Going?

Not all trails are created equal. From the difficulty of a trail to the location, the actual outside factors that might affect you and your Jeep will be different on every trip. While most of the best trails in the United States are in the southwest – Arizona, Colorado, California and of course Utah – there are others on the east coast in George and Florida, and even some in Pennsylvania.

Harder courses are always marked as such (get yourself a FunTreks guidebook if you’re not sure about difficulty and locations), and harder difficulty courses almost always mean you should have friends and other drivers with you, plenty of tools, and Jeep accessories that will prepare your vehicle for the harsh conditions.

How Offroad Are You Going?

This is a big deal. A bumpy dirt road with a few hills may be fun but technically speaking, it’s not very difficult. You can probably hit the trail in a stock Jeep and do just fine. But if you plan on hitting a difficult, grade-3 trail in Moab, you’d better have the right equipment on your Jeep to make sure you’re ready for it.

This of course means new suspension kits for rough terrain, comfortable seats for the ride, shock absorbers that are up for the punishment, and more offroad equipment. But it also means having the right tires, skid plates installed and checked, and hitches and winches in case you get stuck.

Bring Friends

Jeep offroading is a lot of fun, but even the most experienced drivers in the world take people with them. It’s just not safe to be out there on your own without at least someone else to ensure you have a means of getting back home. There are dozens of groups of Jeep owners located around the country who organize these excursions, or you can simply get together with a few of your own friends, or form a group on a site like

The goal is to ensure that, if you get stuck, your Jeep breaks down, or there is an accident, you have not only a way to get back, but someone to help you. Some of these trails can be quite remote.

If you’re ready for your next great Jeep excursion, make sure you have prepared properly, because Jeep offroading can be immensely fun when done properly.

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