How to Use Your Truck Hitch Properly

Your truck is a handy tool for heavy duty hauling jobs, but the power of your truck is only as good as the security of your hitch. Failing to install and use it properly can cause dangerous or even fatal accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety bureau has reported that over 400 injuries and an […]

How to Modernize a Custom Classic Truck

Truck restoration isn’t always about making an old vehicle run like it used to; sometimes custom trucks are modernized to make them more efficient and friendly to the demands of driving today. With gasoline prices higher than ever and only going up, boosting the fuel efficiency of a truck is something every owner should be […]

Where to Live for Daily Off-Roading

Off Road driving is a lot of fun for experienced drivers. It is an excellent way to put a driver and their vehicle to the test and see if both have the endurance to overcome challenging driving conditions. Besides that, it’s a lot of fun to bounce around like crazy and take deep, gashing turns […]

Three Biggest Obstacles to Classic Truck Restoration

Truck restoration can be extremely rewarding, but is also very challenging under many circumstances. While some older vehicles with fewer electric parts and more mechanical components are easier for mechanics to repair and maintain, there are three big obstacles which typically come up during a restoration project. Any one of these can halt a restoration in […]

The Difference Between Off Road Tires

To many drivers, the majority of off road tires look the same. They all have deeper treads than the average tires and they’re bigger, bulkier and heavier than their road-bound counterparts. It’s a bigger tire, designed to perform a bigger job. However, there are actually notable differences between off road tires. Some of these are […]

How Much Will Your Truck Insurance Cost?

The automobile industry loves to publish top 10 lists probably more than any other sector of the population today. Fortunately for consumers, it saves us some legwork when it comes to deciding what’s a good buy and what’s a bad one. Let’s face it – cars and trucks are expensive. They say a new vehicle […]

Most Popular Classic Truck Models

Whether you’re a newcomer to the classic truck scene or have been pining after early 20th century Fords and Chevys your whole life, the following trucks are far and away among the most popular and attractive classic trucks you’ll find. These are the trucks everyone will flock to at a car show and lay down […]

How to Install and Use a Truck Winch

A good truck winch is a must have for any truck owner. That simple device can be a lifesaver if your truck ever gets stuck or if you come across another vehicle that is stuck. However, installation of a truck winch can be tricky if your truck is not already ready for one. To ensure no damage […]

Planning a Weekend Excursion in Your Jeep

If you own a Jeep, you probably want to use it for its intended purpose – going offroad and testing its limits. Whether you’re a first time offroader or you have been taking your Jeep out on trail rides for years, there are some things to keep in mind before you head out of town. […]

Going from Pavement to Dirt in Your Truck

Today more than ever trucks serve a dual purpose. Most people don’t use a truck for only one thing, unless they happen to work on the job site. Even then, that same truck might be used for transportation and commuting as much as hauling. Whether you have a big family and happen to use your […]