Going from Pavement to Dirt in Your Truck

Today more than ever trucks serve a dual purpose. Most people don’t use a truck for only one thing, unless they happen to work on the job site. Even then, that same truck might be used for transportation and commuting as much as hauling. Whether you have a big family and happen to use your truck to carpool, or you live in a big city with a lot of outdoor activities nearby, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to truck tires and related components.

Truck Tires

Offroad or in the City?

Offroad tires are not necessarily built for city driving. Not only are they generally bigger, they tend to make for an uneven ride and can have a negative impact on gas mileage. But if you plan on taking your truck into the mountains once or twice a month, you want a set of tires that can handle anything you encounter.

How do you find a good middle ground for your truck tires? To start, how often will you be out of town and how often do you drive your truck socially? It might seem like you go out a lot more than you stay in, but if you drive your truck to and from work five days a week and go to the mountains once a month, city-street friendly tires would make more sense.

At the same time, there is the issue of workload, grip and the ability to offroad. Certainly, if you go truly offroad, you can keep a second set of truck tires in your garage, but if it’s that not feasible, you’ll want something in between.

Wheels and Other Components

Beyond truck tires, there are other factors to consider, including the wheels for your truck (how big do you want your tires to be and how much clearance do you need for offroading), the suspension on your truck, and things like tow hooks, lift gates and winches. How much work do you expect your truck to perform and how often will it perform those tasks?

True offroading machines need to be outfitted accordingly to ensure you and your passengers remain safe. But if you just happen to drive off road on a simple, easy dirt trail every now and then or if you use your truck to transport motorcycles or ATVs to a trail, you can probably upgrade to high quality road truck tires and do just fine.

How Much Truck Tires Matter

There are a lot of factors at play here. The size of your truck, the size of the stock truck tires, and ultimately how you will use the truck and those tires all make a big difference. With time, however, you’ll want to tweak and adjust your truck to match how it is being used, and if you can really afford it, have a second set of truck tires so that you can optimize performance both in the city and offroad.

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