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SKU: HL-604 60" Hi-Lift Cast And Steel Jack

60" Hi-Lift Cast And Steel Jack
Purchase 60" Hi-Lift Cast And Steel Jack
  • SKU: HL-604 60" Hi-Lift Cast And Steel Jack

  • $100.88

  • Manufacturer: High-Lift
  • Part #: HL-604
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The "60-inch Hi-Lift Cast and Steel Jack" is a specific type of jack used for lifting vehicles or other heavy objects. The Hi-Lift jack, also known as a farm jack or off-road jack, is a versatile tool commonly used by off-road enthusiasts, farmers, and those in the automotive industry.

Here are some key features and information about the 60-inch Hi-Lift Cast and Steel Jack:

  1. Size: The "60-inch" specification likely refers to the total length of the jack. This length provides a significant amount of lift, making it suitable for larger vehicles and more demanding lifting tasks.

  2. Material: The "Cast and Steel" construction indicates that the jack is made from a combination of cast iron and steel components. This combination of materials provides strength and durability, allowing the jack to withstand heavy loads and rugged conditions.

  3. Lifting Capacity: Hi-Lift jacks typically come in various lifting capacities, ranging from around 2,000 to 7,000 pounds or more. The specific lifting capacity of the 60-inch Hi-Lift Cast and Steel Jack would depend on the manufacturer's specifications.

  4. Versatility: Hi-Lift jacks are known for their versatility. They can be used for various purposes, including lifting vehicles to change tires, performing maintenance, or recovering a stuck vehicle in off-road situations. They can also be used as come-alongs to pull, winch, or clamp objects.

  5. Off-Road Use: These jacks are particularly popular among off-road enthusiasts because they can be used to lift vehicles in uneven or challenging terrains. They are often used in conjunction with recovery equipment to help extricate stuck vehicles.

  6. Safety: Proper usage of a Hi-Lift jack requires caution and adherence to safety guidelines. These jacks can be unstable if not used correctly, so it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and take necessary precautions when lifting heavy loads.

  7. Accessories: Hi-Lift jacks often have various accessories available, such as base plates, lift mate attachments for lifting wheels, and mounting brackets for securing the jack to a vehicle or other surfaces.

Before using any type of jack, including the Hi-Lift jack, it's crucial to thoroughly read the manufacturer's instructions, understand its capabilities and limitations, and practice safe lifting procedures.

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